Financing options we offer:

There is NO FEDERAL FUNDING for our program.  We do have local level governmental funding and several other amazing financial options listed below! Click here to contact us for more information!

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

We are approved providers for the grant given through this amazing program! The grant that this program offers may cover the entire tuition cost or a large part of it!  Grant money does not need to be paid back.

WIOA Fact Sheet

We have direct contacts for your county to put you in touch with. 

Call or email us for more information or to see if you qualify!

ohio means jobs

Laid off or Dislocated Workers

Have you been laid off?  Are you currently a dislocated worker?  We can get you FREE funding to go through our program to become an in-demand dental assistant!  That’s right, you don’t pay a penny, EVER! Even if you have been laid off and are currently working, but not making the same amount of income as the job you were laid off from, you are still considered a dislocated worker?  Don’t delay, call us now!

MyCAA – Military Spouse Career Advancement Account

Are you a military spouse looking for an education for a great career? Check into the MyCAA scholarship!  We are an approved school with all the credentials needed.  Contact us for more information or go to to begin!

Scholarships Available

If you are interested in the scholarship opportunities for Assist To Succeed, please click here for more details, to see if you are eligible and how to apply!  Good luck!  The scholarship is a full ride!

Flexible Payment Plans Through ATS Dental Assist School

Monthly or Bi-Weekly Payment Plans

With a downpayment that is arranged with ATS, we can then create a bi-weekly payment plan that will make you feel comfortable while attending your schooling!

  • Minimum down payment
  • Monthly or bi-weekly drafts 

Flexible Payment Plans

Payments are drafted from the bank account or charged to a credit card of your choice on days that you choose to make it fit into your lifestyle! 

Call for more information on current discounts offered!

What our students say

“I wanted to share with you that tomorrow is my first day of work as a Dental Assistant! I could never thank you enough for allowing this to happen! Assist to Succeed changed my life, not only my life but my families! Thank you so much for this program. Let my new life begin!!!”  

Lindsey L.

“I wanted to say thank you for all your help and patience with me! I can’t believe I’m an actual dental assistant now! I love it so much!”

Mary C.

“I got a job a few weeks ago. It’s going really well and it’s all thanks to you! Everything you taught me prepared me for the job. I love that you were checking up on me,it means the world! You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for everything!”

Keely N.

“Fast track start to amazing career! You can’t beat the training you get for the pice that you pay. Kindra and all of the instructors are amazing and are great in helping you learn what it takes to be a dental assistant!”

Holly C.

“I feel very lucky to have found you and the school and this job!! I am ecstatic!!  I can’t thank you more!!  Oh the ladies say I take excellent radiographs!!!    All thanks to you!!”

Karen B.

“Choosing Assist to Succeed was the best choice!!! Helped me better my future! I highly recommend attending the 10 week schooling.”

Oktober D.

Thank you for everything and your instructors are amazing as well. I have loved every minute of this!!!! You ladies change lives and I talk you guys up constantly. Thanks for believing in us and showering us with patience.”

Christina G.

“I never would have ended up here if it hadn’t been for you. I am so grateful for you and I thank God every day that I chose your program over anything else.”

Brianna S.

“I feel confident walking away from the 10 week courses at Assist to Succeed of Columbus. I am grateful to have had an exceptional team of instructors to teach, support, and encourage me through the vigorous lecture and clinic. Kindra makes it 100% possible for every student to graduate and pursue our career as dental assistants! Upon graduating she has kept in contact and hopes to hear we have landed our dream job. She’s supplied us with the knowledge, certifications, tools, and references to make this happen. I highly recommend this program!”

Hannah L.

“I got a assisting job!!! Woo!! Just wanted to let you know. And say a big thanks to you and the school couldn’t have done it with out you!”

Kayce W.

“I encourage everyone to take this course!  it will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to enter the great field of dentistry.  The instructors are fabulous both educationally and personally. You will surpass your expectations.”

Summer A.

Assist To Succeed is an amazing program.  I recommend it to anyone who is trying to further their education to become a dental assistant.  The instructors are awesome and are always willing to help you in any way!”

Alyssa S.

“To start off I absolutely loved this school! And I loved all the instructors as well! They all are amazing people and made me feel great I didn’t know what I wanted in life and they really all changed my life got me what I needed I got my foot into a dentist office 3 weeks after graduation I’m working full time. My doctor is amazing as well. I’m so blessed to have found this school, all because they believed in me I moved mountains to make a better life for me and my kids so thanks to all you who helped get my feet on the ground and pushed to make me better!!!!”

Dakota Q.

Loved every minute of class!  If you’re looking for a great career and a great school, this is the one!  Kindra and all the instructors are great!”

Lindsay H.

Going to Assist To Succeed was the best decision I  ever made. Kindra and the instructors made it fun and they are so helpful.  They will do anything to make you succeed.”

Angela K.

“I’m so happy to have found this place! It’s super convenient. Even driving from 3 hours away I was able to keep my full time job and graduate! The staff are kind, very educated teachers. I’m definitely going to miss it!”

Pamela C.
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