Columbus Location Dates

10 Week Saturday Classes
January 6th, 2024 – March 9th, 2024
March 30th, 2024 – June 8th, 2024
July 13th, 2024 – September 14th, 2024
October 5th, 2024 – December 7th, 2024
January 4th – March 8th, 2025
March 29th – May 31st, 2025
July 5th – September 6th, 2025
October 4th – December 6th, 2025

Newark Location Dates

10 Week Saturday Classes
January 13th, 2024 – March 16th, 2024
April 6th, 2024 – June 8th, 2024
July 20th, 2024 – September 21st, 2024
October 12th, 2024 – December 14th, 2024
January 11th – March 15th, 2025
April 5th – June 7th, 2025
July 12th – September 13th, 2025
October 11th – December 13th, 2025


  • Course Dates: Have confidence when entering into the dental field.
  • Be dental radiology certified (upon completion of class and passing radiology test).
  • Understand the different specialties that dentistry has to offer.
  • Understand and know how to properly perform the key points that dentists look for in a great assistant.
  • Know how to properly work in the sterilization area of a dental office and understand OSHA.
  • Be a great communicator with the staff, the dentist, and most importantly with their guests in the dental chair.
  • Meet several of the dental professionals and representatives for supply companies in the area.
Course Dates

Week One

Four-Handed Dentistry! Learn to assemble a Rubber Dam & Syringe. Patient Positioning and Hand Piece Maintenance. Everything you need to know about OSHA! Preparation and discussion of Dental Resumes!

Week Two

Four-Handed Dentistry! Learn to assemble a Rubber Dam & Syringe. Patient Positioning and Hand Piece Maintenance. Everything you need to know about OSHA! Preparation and discussion of Dental Resumes!

Week Three

Radiology Certification! Skip the board test and be radiology certified at the end of the 3rd week by the Columbus Dental Society! Can’t be a qualified Dental Assistant without this! All the hidden board fees are paid for by Assist To Succeed!

Week Four

What General Dentistry is all about! Learn all about and how to place amalgam and composite restorations! Practice doing this procedure on mannequins in the real dental office. Understanding dental instruments and learn to assemble the tofflemire band.

Week Five

Radiology Quiz. CPR – paid for by Assist To Succeed! Learn how to take impressions and create models! Later in class, students will use these impressions & models to create their own bleaching trays that they get bleach for as well complements of Ultra Dent!

Week Six

Mid-Term Exam that helps to thoroughly prepare you for the Ohio Boards if you so choose to take. Oral Surgery and Periodontal Instrumentation and Procedures. Dental Laser and Sedation, including Nitrous Oxide!

Week Seven

As a dental assistant one of the most imperative roles you will have is creating temporary crowns! You will learn how to fabricate a temporary crown for the patient and dentist and practice making these several times on mannequins until you feel confident doing it for the real world!

Week Eight

Learn all about root canals, better known in the dental world as endodontics, as well as orthodontics, or braces! A fun lecture that will engage you with better depth of common dental practices. You will also learn about Sleep Apnea in the Dental Field. It is quickly taking over and will put you ahead of other dental professionals to have this education!

Week Nine

Final Written Radiology Exam and Hands-On Radiology Practical. Let us help to prepare you best for the Ohio Board Exam with our exams fabricated to best mimic the Ohio Board for optimal success! Pediatric Dentistry, Job Interview Skills, Mock Interviews, and Front Desk.

Week Ten

Final Practical Exam and Final Written Exam! At the completion of your last day you will have the confidence to walk out into the dental world and get an amazing career doing what you love and getting paid for it! If you choose to take the Ohio Board’s to become a Certified Dental Assistant, you will have full confidence to take and pass this test as well.

After grades are tallied, we hold graduation. Keep in mind that we have a 100% graduation rate. This is YOUR day to shine! Diplomas will be distributed, along with gifts, and goodies. All for your hard work and PERSERVERENCE. Apply now. You are only 10 weeks away from being a dental assistant!



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